A 25-year-old mother and her two-month-old son were rescued from their burning vehicle after it crashed in Topsham.

Mother and Baby Saved from Burning Vehicle after Crash

The accident happened around 6:20 pm on Tuesday evening, November 22 on the Middlesex Road near the Bowdoinham town line.

“Citizens” Broke the Windows to Help Get Them Out

The Topsham Police Department said “citizens were reportedly forced to break the windows of the van to gain access and remove the occupants.”

Mother Injured and Taken to Hospital

Kyndric Stewart from Lewsiton was driving the 2006 Toyota Sienna van when it crashed into a tree and burst into flames, according to law enforcement officials. Shew was already taken out of the vehicle when first responders arrived on the scene. She reportedly suffered a broken leg and internal injuries. An ambulance took her to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston for treatment.

Baby Uninjured

Her two-month-old son, Riley Stewart, was believed to be uninjured. He was transported to Central Maine Medical Center by ambulance as a “precautionary measure.”

Police: Vehicle Speed Under Investigation

Police said “Excessive vehicle speed is believed to be a causation factor according to reports from witnesses on-scene.” The crash investigation is ongoing.

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First Responders Thank Those Who Helped

The Topsham Police thanked everyone for their assistance and said, “The men and women of the Topsham Police and Fire Departments would like to thank all persons who stopped to assist in removing and caring for the occupants of the vehicle prior to first responder’s arrival on scene.  Your efforts made a difference!”

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