The Town of Florenceville-Bristol has partnered up with the Western Valley Regional Service Commission in getting recycling into area schools.

For its part, the Western Valley Service Commission has committed to provide the four Florenceville-Bristol schools with one large blue recycling dumpster each free of charge. Florenceville-Bristol will cover the cost of having them emptied monthly. Schools are not included in the curbside recycling pickup. The cost is expected to be approximately $1,200 per month, but Council agreed to pay the pickup costs.

Mayor Karl Curtis and the Florenceville-Bristol Council feel the success of the recycling program will be enhanced by having students recycling at school and carrying the habits home as well.

Western Valley Regional Service Commission’s Executive Director Katelyn McGrath says the WVRSC is excited to partner with the Town of Florenceville-Bristol. "We look forward to working with Florenceville-Bristol in the coming months and perhaps other municipalities in the region to increase public participation in recycling!“

Mayor Curtis stresses the importance of this new partnership. "We feel the inclusion of the schools is such an important component to a successful recycling program."

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