Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of James Kravfe Sr. who passed away Friday morning after his battle with cancer. We especially want to express our condolences to his wife and three children.

Kravfe was the Assistant Fire Chief in the town of Sherman. The Fire Department posted a heartfelt message to Facebook expressing their friendship and admiration. 

The Facebook message said how “devastated” the crew was over the loss, adding, “anyone that had the privilege of knowing or working with James knows that the fire service was his life besides his family.” It went on to talk about his dedication to the local community and how great of a family man, friend and firefighter he was.

The comments in the post were full of love and support for James and his family. Friends, colleagues and many more expressed their feelings about him. Take a moment and write something for others to read and share. It means a lot to his family and to the crew at the fire station. We’ve included the post and embedded it below so you can see it and visit the page.

We are reminded about how precious life is and how someone like James can come along and make a world of difference in people’s lives.

The Fire department ended their tribute to him by saying, “We got it from here buddy…RIP.” That says it all and is such an honor to know he’ll always be remembered.

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