UPDATE: Flights in and out of Presque Isle International Airport have resumed after being cancelled Saturday evening and Sunday due to the failure of a critical piece of equipment.

Airport officials say The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has brought the Automated Weather Observation Station back on-line. United Airlines is now resuming their regular scheduled flights into Presque Isle International. Their first arrival is scheduled for 5:29 PM today (Monday) with their first departure is at 6:04 PM today.

This weather observation equipment is owned, operated, and maintained by the Federal Aviation Administration and not by the airport or the airlines, according to a news release from Public Information Officer Kim Smith.

Federal regulations dictate that no flights in or out of an airport can be made without weather reports from this equipment, Smith said.

PQI officials reported the equipment failure to the FAA on Friday evening.  The federal agency has indicated that technicians are not able to make the needed repairs until Monday.

Weather observation equipment can relay pertinent information to pilots, including wind speed and direction, temperature, cloud cover, visibility, and altimeter setting.

Airport officials stressed that the situation was beyond the control of the airport and the airline.  If you have a scheduled flight at the Presque Isle airport, you can look up your flight status on the United app or at United.com.

On January 12th, all traffic at Presque Isle International Airport came to a halt for nearly 12 hours following a system outage at the FAA that grounded flights from coast to coast.

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