There has been a lot of buzz on both social media sites as well as cable television, concerning the art of repurposing old furniture, houses, and cars.

Here in the County, we know some folks who are repurposing moose antlers and they will look great in just about any setting you want to place them in.

Our Community Spotlight this week takes us to Ashland, Maine.

Janet Jandreau and her husband have found a wonderful and creative hobby which is repurposing moose antlers that they find in the forest and help them to make their way into peoples homes and cabins as a great decorative piece for all to enjoy!

Maine Antler Works

The two of them have founded Maine Antler Works and their skill of converting shed moose antlers into pieces of art!

Maine Antler Works

It all started when her husband, who finds the antlers in various areas in the woods, would sell the shed antlers to a lady in Minnesota. The contact in Minnesota was skilled in the art of antler carving and asked if the Jandreau's would like to go out and learn the craft themselves.

Maine Antler Works

They made the trip to Minnesota, received the training, and the rest is history!

So, how can we score one of the pieces of art? Janet explains, 

"We will carve an antler for folks if they bring us four antlers. We'll carve one for nothing, and we get to keep the three that they bring in."

That sounds like a great deal! However, if you don't have 4 moose antlers on hand, you can always contact them, find the art you like and they'll discuss a price with you.

If you would like to see some of the great things that the Jandreau's do with these antlers make plans to see them at the Portage Lake Woopie Pie Fest in August.

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