You might say that there's really not a good time to give, or that any time is a good time to give and that's what the fine folks in the County plan to do in June of 2019.

Our Community Spotlight caught up with Sherry Locke, Executive Director of the United Way of Aroostook to talk about the huge need for volunteers at various places throughout the County for the Aroostook Day of Service.

Aroostook's Day of Service takes place on Tuesday, June 18th at various places throughout the County.

According to Locke, anyone can volunteer at their local food pantry, church, shelter or they can help a neighbor around their home. The need and opportunities are endless.

They are looking for volunteers, sponsors, and requests for people, organizations and group in need of help.

If you would like to contact the United Way of Aroostook to be a part of Aroostook's Day of Service, you can call them at 207- 764- 5197 or email them at

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