Snowmobilers, skiers and other other outdoor enthusiasts have been chomping at the bit waiting for an infusion of "white gold."

Bigrock Mountain Facebook Page
Bigrock Mountain Facebook Page

With Sunday's storm and Tuesday's half a foot or more, winter sports enthusiasts are now able to get out and enjoy a winter wonderland.

Snowmobilers are hitting the trails. Big Rock Ski Area is open and the timing couldn't be better. With schools off for the holidays, kids (and parents too) can hit the slopes for some fresh powder. School ski teams are now able to get out and practice in the real thing. Cross-country skiers are also able to get out and get a good workout in.

And with the recent snows, businesses are liking the after-effects, as well. Hotels, motels, restaurants, snowmobile dealers, are all seeing an influx of snow-related business. With a lot of Maine still snowless, people are heading North to play in Aroostook's white playground. And they're going to spend money while they're here.

Now, not everybody is a big snow fan, but if it's good for the economy, it's good for everybody.

Snow is a fact of life in Northern Maine and Western New Brunswick, so shouldn't we embrace it? Welcome to winter!

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