No one was injured Monday when an ambulance carrying a patient to the hospital struck an SUV on Main Street in Presque Isle.

Maine State Police say 57-year-old Dale Morrison of Presque Isle was driving a 2010 Ford F-450 Ambulance for Presque Isle Fire Department southbound on Main Street shortly before noon. Morrison was transporting a patient to Northern Light AR Gould Hospital and was using the lights and siren in the ambulance, according to Trooper Ryan Kilcollins.

Eighty-three-year-old Reginald Pinette of Ashland was stopped on the southbound side of the street in his 2012 Ford Escape, preparing to make a left turn into a driveway near TD Bank. Morrison did not realize Pinette was turning and proceeded to pass him on the left, Kilcollins said.

Pinette did not see or hear the ambulance approaching from behind and turned in front of the ambulance. The ambulance hit the center of the driver’s side of the SUV, pushing it across the northbound lane and onto a snowbank at the entrance to North Street Plaza.


Maine State Police
Maine State Police

No one was injured in the crash and another ambulance was brought to transport the patient to the hospital, according to Trooper Kilcollins. Presque Isle Police Department assisted at the scene.

It was snowing steadily at the time.

State Police said both drivers were wearing seat belts and speed was not a factor in the crash.

Pinette’s vehicle sustained disabling damage in the collision. The ambulance had minor damage to the front passenger’s corner. Both vehicles were towed from the scene by Impact Auto.

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