A 30-year-old woman from Sanford was arrested for Aggravated Trafficking after an arrest and search warrant were served as part of an ongoing investigation.

Drug Trafficking Charges as Part of Ongoing Investigation

The MDEA has been investigating drug trafficking of meth for two months at 43 Bateman Street in Sanford, Maine. Undercover purchases were made at the residence as part of the case.

Arrest Warrant

Agents with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency obtained an arrest warrant for 30-year-old Brandi Richmond. Police arrested her during a traffic stop on Main Street Wednesday evening. She had methamphetamine, fentanyl and $2,500 in suspected drug proceeds in her possession. Richmond faces two counts of Unlawful Trafficking.

“Known Presence of Firearms at the Residence”

Law enforcement also executed a search warrant at a residence at 43 Bateman Street. The MDEA said “due to the known presence of firearms at the residence during the undercover purchases, MDEA requested the assistance of the Southern Maine Response Team and Cumberland County Emergency Services Unit to safely make the initial entry into the Bateman residence.”


Large Quantity of Drugs Seized

After securing the location, agents seized “approximately 50 grams of meth, packaging materials as well as other items associated with drug trafficking. Five firearms were located throughout the residence, three of which were loaded and in proximity of the seized drugs.”

Additional Charges Pending

Richmond was taken to the York County Jail with a cash bail set at $2,500. More charges are pending.

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