The roads can get very slick during rain, snow and precipitation in Maine. Friday morning saw some hazardous conditions as three separate crashes happened in one hour on I-95.

Maine State Police said the accidents happened between 5 am and 6 am and were due to hydroplaning. 

A 15 passenger van lost control and hydroplaned in Ogunquit at mile marker 15 south around 5:52 am. State police said the driver crashed into the guardrail and the fuel tank ruptured and caught fire. The driver was not injured and there were no passengers in the van, said officials.

Maine State Police

The Maine State Police advise all drivers to take it easy and put safety first. Reduce your speed and make sure you have good tires for the conditions. Tires that do not have good traction can slip and result in hydroplaning in bad weather. Always wear your seat belt and pay attention on the road. 

Maine State Police
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If you’ve ever had your vehicle hydroplane, you know it’s hard to get it back in control. This weekend is calling for some slippery conditions with rain and snow in the forecast. In northern Maine, there is going to be only a little accumulation, but enough to make some roads messy.

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