Police say a 15-year-old from Riverside-Albert, N.B. is facing several charges following a series of incidents involving a stolen vehicle in Riverview.

The Codiac Regional RCMP responded to a report Monday morning of a stolen pickup truck from a business on the corner of Archibald and Dufferin Street, according to Staff Sgt. Dave MacDonnell.

A short time later, police spotted the truck travelling on Coverdale Road in Riverview. A marked police cruiser attempted to pull the vehicle over but the driver allegedly refused to stop. Mounties say the driver fled the scene at a high rate of speed, at times driving in the wrong direction over a blind hill.

Police did not pursue the vehicle, for safety reasons.

The RCMP later located the pickup truck on a dirt road and it allegedly sped off again, almost striking a marked police cruiser. This time, officers deployed a tire-deflation device and the truck came to a stop a short distance away. The driver tried to flee on foot but was arrested just moments later, Sgt. MacDonnell said.

The teen appeared in Moncton Provincial Court on Tuesday, April 19 and was charged with assault with a weapon, flight from police, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, resisting arrest and theft over $5,000. The young person was remanded into custody and will return to court on Wednesday.

A court-imposed publication ban is in place to protect the youth, as well as any information that could potentially identify them, MacDonnell stated in a news release.

RCMP say the investigation into the case continues.

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