By now you've probably caught on to the idea that I am absolutely enamored by goats, especially the kids. My wife Sherry is as well. We will definitely be putting a note on the calendar to take a trip to Sunflower Farm again this season.

We actually were lucky enough to get a little taste of goat lovin' a couple weeks ago. Our son and his fiancée brought us to meet their friends in Philips. They had two of the most adorable baby goats in their yard and Sherry got to help feed them a bottle. It didn't take long for the goats to suck 'em down. When they were done, they each had not only a milk moustache, but a milk goatee as well.  So much fun!

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Until we can get ourselves back to Sunflower Farm, it's always great to check in on the kids through their YouTube channel.

My friend Hope Lipp Hall at Sunflower Farm does a superb job of regularly capturing much of the barnyard goat joy and has been for the past 6 years or so. She kindly shares it with us all regularly on YouTube and Facebook.

The older of the baby goats have just discovered a new leaping skill. These agile critters play a cross between Follow the Leader and King of the Mountain. I literally could watch them all day long.

Wanna head over for a visit sometime? Here's everything you need to know before you go. There are also important instructions on how to hold a baby goat properly

There's even Goat Yoga. See all the deets below to go hear some bleets while you stretch.

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