While most of us are taking in the spectacular fall foliage show mother nature blesses us with each year, those at the top of Mount Washington are enjoying a snowfall.

CBS Boston is reporting on the snow event where Mount Washington looks like the North Pole with a stunning snowfall and frigid temperatures.

Sunday marked the end of the season, and the park atop Mount Washington will not open again until late sprint of 2020.

CBS Boston relates that the mountain has reported “100 plus mph winds resulting in rime ice feathers’ as high as 3 feet” in a winter wonderland situation at the summit.

The scenery is beautiful, but I would love to watch it from the comfort of a soft, comfy chair, a fireplace with a warm fire, through a window and drinking some hot chocolate with whipped cream.

While is seems unseasonable to us at lower elevations, the Observatory reports that this snowfall event is not unusual as the summit averages about 17.6 inches of snowfall every October.

Pretty to look at but I wouldn’t want to drive in it.

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