The potato harvest is in full swing in Aroostook County and in New Brunswick. There are many traditions here that are tied to the harvest break that have been passed down through multiple generations. The Potato Pickers Special has been one of those traditions that the people of the area look forward to each and every year. 

For those of you that are new to the area, the Potato Pickers Special is an early morning show that airs on WAGM during harvest. The show that starts the day for the farmers was used to communicate to their employees what time they need to show up to the fields and potato houses. Pickers Special provided updates on the potato industry and other relevant topics with local experts and interesting guests. As time has gone on the show has changed, but the nostalgia of Potato Pickers Special can live on forever online.  

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There have been a few songs about the potato harvest that have been released over the years, but there is one that stands out above the rest when you go down a YouTube rabbit hole. Two performers known as Spud and Rotor, released an anthem in 1985 titled Pickin' Taters. The duo made their debut on an episode of Pickers Special in 1985. 36 years later we have the Pickin' Taters song and video filmed right here in Aroostook County. Based on what I have seen, it appears this video was shot somewhere around Easton. Give the video a watch, and maybe you'll see a few younger faces that you might know.  

While you're sitting in the truck waiting to unload, or if you are at the potato house on break, give this video a watch. We hope that harvest continues to be safe and bountiful! Without further ado, here are Spud and Rotor.

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