More than three-quarters of a century ago, the potato harvest in Aroostook County involved just about everybody who could lift a basket or roll a barrel. 

The rolling potato fields of northern Maine were bustling with tractors and trucks, horses and wagons, experienced farm hands and hordes of school children, to make sure farmers got their crops in before the heavy frost (or snow) settled in mid-October.

Jack Delano, a photographer for the Farm Security Administration, captured these images of the harvest in Caribou, Perham, New Sweden, Van Buren, Eagle Lake and Fort Kent in late September 1940.


1940 Potato Harvest in Aroostook County [Vintage Photos]

Photos of hand crews working in the potato fields in Aroostook County, Maine in late September,1940.


Vintage Photos - Life on the Farm in Aroostook County (1942)



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