Welcome to The County

Over the years you have probably seen more than enough promotions touting the beauty and wonder that is Aroostook County. Oftentimes we are selling the hard working and community-oriented environment that can make anyone "from away" feel that they are at home the moment they arrive.

What is Momentum Aroostook? 

Momentum Aroostook is a community of young professionals that are networking from all parts of Aroostook County. The young professional population in our area is not only telling, but showing people why The County is the place that you can find or create your own future. The four and half minute video features entrepreneurs, executives, managers, realtors, and many more professionals from Fort Kent to the southern reaches in the Houlton area.

What? White hair? Where? Not here...

Aroostook County is facing a dilemma as the population has continued to age, and many large employers have amped up recruiting efforts to find the right young people to join and grow with their companies. There are many retirements that are coming for many local employers over the next ten years. For lack of a better term, we could use a little more momentum in attracting hungry young professionals to Aroostook County who are looking to blaze their own trail and contribute back to the local communities.

Take it away, Momentum Aroostook

You can watch the video below and I encourage you to reach out to Momentum Aroostook and see if this is the group for you. There are several civic organizations in Aroostook County that give back to the local communities in a variety of ways. If Momentum isn't for you, someone from MA can direct you to a better fit for you.

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