Watch nature at its finest with Versant Power’s live camera on the osprey platform in Lamoine, Maine. 

Where is the camera & why was it built?

The picturesque view overlooks Mt. Desert Narrows. The platform is new and the camera is run by solar energy. The public can watch it 24/7.

Versant Power said in places on the coast, osprey tend to build their nests on the top of utility poles. This can pose a danger to the birds and can risk disruption in electric service. The company made a new nesting platform close to the area of the original nest.

How was the nesting area made?

Environmental groups including the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and a team at Versant built the new platform keeping nature and the birds as the priority. 

The pole sits way up high above the water because osprey prefer the tallest point when building a nest. The platform is square with no cover as the birds look down and hunt fish.

Versant Power President said:

We are happy to see ospreys have returned to this location and are using the platform our crews created just for them, rather than building nests on distribution infrastructure," said Versant Power President John Flynn, "We know the osprey camera will provide Mainers of all ages an opportunity to view and learn about ospreys in real time and are optimistic that our communities will enjoy it for years to come.

Protecting the habitat and osprey

Versant reminds the public that osprey are protected birds. The company said they installed the live camera to give people a chance to see the birds in their natural habitat without disturbing them in any way.

If you have any questions for Versant, you can reach out to them at

Be sure to check out the camera with your family. There is always something new and interesting happening. Sometimes the weather is just right to catch just about everything. You’ll see the birds swooping in and taking off - it’s always fun to see. The view is amazing too.

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