Two men were arrested Tuesday in Rumford for aggravated drug trafficking in Maine and violation of conditions of release.

Maine Men Charged with Aggravated Drug Trafficking

The Rumford Police Department said two Rumford men, 26-year-old Nathan Blodgett and 22-year-old Alexander Shorey, were taken into custody after officers found fentanyl in their vehicle and apartment.

Suspect had Fentanyl on his Person

Shorey was a passenger in a vehicle pulled over by officers for a traffic violation. Police searched the car after confirming he was out on bail for fentanyl possession.

K-9 Alerted Officers to Drugs in the Vehicle

K-9 Niko detected drugs in the vehicle. Police found “a quantity of Suboxone and approximately 60 dosage units of suspected Fentanyl.”

Apartment Searched

Officers also searched Shorey’s apartment on Main Avenue. Blodgett was in the residence when officers arrived.

Second Suspect Out on Bail

Blodgett was out on bail for Violation of a Protection From Abuse Order and Illegal Possession of a Firearm arrest in December.

More Fentanyl and Drug Trafficking Items Seized

Rumford PD found close to 40 dosage units of fentanyl concealed on his person. More fentanyl was located in addition to drug scales, packaging materials and other drug paraphernalia. A locked container was also confiscated. Police believe it is related to drug trafficking.

School Zone and Aggravated Charges

Police said the incident occurred within 1000 feet of a Safe or School Zone, making the drug charge aggravated.

Both Men Taken to Jail

Both Shorey and Blodgett were charged and transported to the Oxford County Jail, and then taken to the York County Jail.

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