Two men from Westbrook have been arrested and charged with gross sexual assault.

Police Served a Search Warrant at Westbrook Home

Police said 19-year-old Navinn Ean and 18-year-old Justice Mullet were taken into custody after a search warrant was executed at their residence on Methodist Road in Westbrook. Police said Ean faces additional charge related to drug trafficking while in the possession of a firearm in November 2022.

Officials have not released any information about the assault, according to the Westbrook Police Department.

Released on Bail and Court Date

Both Ean and Mullet were taken to the Cumberland County Jail and released after they each posted $2,500 cash bail. They are scheduled to appear in Cumberland County Court on April 18.

Contact Law Enforcement with Additional Information

Police are asking the public to contact them with more information. You can remain anonymous by calling (207) 854-0644 Ex 2422.

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