You've seen it on other women's faces and you've probably seen a few on your own. We're talking about those dastardly facial hairs and how women deal with them.

The challenge for women has been to try and remove chin hairs, peach fuzz, and stragglers without irritating their faces.

Women's Health recently shared some ways that ladies can remove those unwanted hairs without causing havoc and skin irritation to their face.


  • Vitalii Gubin, Thinkstock
    Vitalii Gubin, Thinkstock

    Facial Waxing

    This is probably one of the most popular ways to remove facial hair. From anywhere between $10-$20 bucks, you can have that hair gone for about 6 weeks. Some people use what is called Jojoba Oil after they're waxed. It's organic and great for your skin.

  • Nurcholis Anhari Lubis, Getty Images
    Nurcholis Anhari Lubis, Getty Images

    Threading Technique

    Some say that this is similar to 'waxing' as they pull the hair from the follicle and unroot it for good. It's been said that if you have a specialist that really knows what they're doing, they can thread unwanted hair, to include any peach fuzz. For those who have not had much luck with waxing, threading is recommended.

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    Laser Therapy

    Some women use laser therapy, especially if they're trying to target sensitive areas like around the lips, chin, or sideburns. This treatment is a little more expensive. Laser Therapy can run between $100 - $200 or more. The result is that the hair comes back thinner, and not grow back over time. It's not recommended for around the hairline, because the hair is too thin, which doesn't respond well to lasers.

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    This is an age-old 'quick fix' but doesn't get to the root of the matter. All you're simply doing is shaving off the surface hair and leaving the root. It will come back. Sort of like pulling weeds in your yard. You can pull the top of the weeds and they be back because you didn't pull out the root.

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    Hulton Archives, Getty Images


    How many of you have had mothers and grandmothers who plucked their eyebrows and now have to paint them on? Tweezing has been around for centuries when women have wanted to remove unwanted hair, but it is painful. Tweezing is about the same thing as laser hair removal and lasts about the same amount of time.

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