This title can be taken a few different ways, but the ever-so-popular "Fidgit Spinners" are not just exploding in sales, but some have actually exploded!

News outlets in Alabama, as well as some in Michigan, have reported that while charging a Bluetooth speaker/fidget spinner combination, some have burst in flames.

The blame, in some circles, has been because of the lithium-ion batteries that the fidget spinners have in them. If you're familiar with lithium batteries, then you know that those little guys can store a lot of power. If all of that power is accidentally released at the same time, BOOM! It can burst into flames.

Kimberly Allums told one news source that her son noticed his fidget spinner burst into flames and began screaming. All she heard was her son yelling "fire, fire", as she was upstairs. When she came down to where her son was, she noticed that the fidget spinner was smoking and on fire.

Should your child have a fidget spinner, with Bluetooth speaker capabilities, contact the manufacturer and certainly don't leave them charging without your supervision.


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