Two adults and a teen were arrested Monday after several pedestrians in Camden reported being shot from a passing vehicle with what they thought was a pellet gun.

The Pen Bay Pilot reports 911 calls began around 3:40 in the afternoon. Sgt. Allen Weaver of the Camden Police Department said one caller was able to provide a plate number of the suspects’ vehicle. This enabled police agencies in the surrounding communities to begin searching for the vehicle involved in the shooting incident.

A Knox County Sheriff's Deputy pulled the car over in Rockland, just after 4 p.m. Rockland police officers responded to the traffic stop and assisted the deputy until Camden Police arrived.

Two adults and a minor are detained in Camden shooting incident

Camden Police arrested and charged 20-year-old Mark Defino III of Rockland and 19-year-old Mackenzie Schools (address not provided) with class D Assault. A juvenile male was also arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct

Investigators determined that the three suspects were using Splat-R-Ball guns, which are sold as toys and shoot water or gel beads.

The Splat R Ball Water Gel Blaster is advertised as being capable of shooting about ten rounds of beads per second. The beads are reported to sting much like a snapped rubber band when it hits the skin.

Although several people were hit with the gel beads, no one complained on any injury, Camden police said. Sgt. Weaver called each of the victims to tell them that the suspects had been apprehended.

Rockport Police department also assisted in the search.


Courtesy Camden Police Dept.
Courtesy Camden Police Dept.

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