Ah, Valentine's Day.

You either love it or hate it. There's no in between.

For those of you with a partner this Valentine's, we recently published lists of the best date spots in New Hampshire and Maine. Of course, we also talked about places to take yourself out on a date in New Hampshire, cause even if you don't have a significant other, you still deserve to celebrate yourself.

But which New England state is the best place to be a single pringle? Thanks to a recent WalletHub study detailing the best states for singles in the entire US, we now know.

The personal finance website used three main factors – dating economics, dating opportunities, and romance & fun  – to conduct the study, according to the site. These categories were then evaluated "using 30 relevant metrics", including share of single adults, online dating opportunities, restaurant and nightlife options, and more.

After looking at the results, we noticed that one New England state fared particularly well, and appeared in the nationwide top 10. According to WalletHub, the best state in New England for singles is...Massachusetts.

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The Bay State received a #8 ranking overall. More specifically, it came in at #3 for dating opportunities, #48 for dating economics, and #9 for romance and fun. This makes sense to this writer, who's heard that Boston has a high population of singles. Of course, the state's exorbitant prices likely explains the low dating economics rate.

As for how the other New England states fared? Well, Connecticut came in at #14 overall, followed by Rhode Island at #17, Vermont at #22, New Hampshire at #23, and Maine at #26.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the best state in the entire country for singles is California, followed by New York. That checks out.

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