Out of all the places to grab breakfast in Maine, one rises above the rest, according to Mashed.

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When taking on the task of finding the best spots in the United States for breakfast, they did the work and listed the best of the best in each state.

Palace Diner is a restaurant in Biddeford, Maine, that serves breakfast and lunch at a 15-seat counter. It is Maine's oldest diner, and it took the top spot in Maine, on the Mashed survey!

Recently on Reddit, a user asked “What is Maine’s Favorite Breakfast” many of the responses will make you hungry!


My go-to breakfast is some sort of hash. My gram and gramp always had red flannel hash (beets and potatoes) for breakfast.


I was coming here to say red flannel hash! Morse's makes Aunt Lydia's beet slaw too that I just had for lunch. So dank.


Came here to say hash, thin on the skillet, fry two eggs on the hash.


As much as I love me some eggs benedict or florentine, my Maine breakfast is also either corned beef or haddock hash. Add a slice of toast and an over easy egg with coffee and I'm in heaven.


There is NOTHING more Maine than a breakfast of red flannel hash - unless it is baked beans with pie ....suffer!


Hash and eggs


Corned beef hash and eggs or a classic egg breakfast.


Lumberjack. Over easy eggs, two proteins (usually sausage and bacon), toast, potato hash, pancakes, black coffee, orange juice.


Corned beef hash, two eggs over easy, cup of black tea and a blueberry muffin.


Allen's and a whoopie pie.


Blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup!


2 over easy, homefries (grilled w/ pepper & onion), bacon and homemade toast or a biscuit. Small glass of cranberry juice. And of course a coffee.

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