If you drive along fast-food row in any town in the County, then you probably find yourself dodging the lines at lunchtime that make their way into the roadway.

Here are the 'official' 10 Commandments of Drive-Thru Ordering that should help to cut down on wait times so you can get through the line and get to where you're going, without eating up a half hour of your lunch break every day.

  1. Remember that other people are behind you and are wanting to get their order also.
  2. Try to figure out what you want to order BEFORE you pull up to the speaker. We're quite sure this isn't the first time you've been to this restaurant.
  3. Avoid asking about coupons, specials, and other silly questions before ordering. If you have them, great. Be sure to check the expiration date on the coupon.
  4. Pay attention to the car ahead of you. It will move, eventually. If you are unable to read Facebook posts and emails while in line, maybe wait until after the fast food line experience is over.
  5. Unless it's a place that invites you to 'have it your way', please refrain from 'special' orders. That's usually why people go inside.
  6. DO NOT try and change your order once you get to the pay window.
  7. Make sure you either have enough money in your bank account for your debit card to work or that you have enough cash on you to pay for your order if it doesn't.
  8. Be mindful of the choices. If ordering for the kids, just know that the choices are either sliced apples or fries. Don't let this stump your decision making or 'surprise' you when they ask.
  9. Don't allow your offspring do the ordering. It's really not cute and they can be hard to understand and may make wait times even longer. There are other 'confidence builders' you can do with your kids besides let them take forever ordering into the speaker.
  10. Be ready to pay when you get to the pay window. Typically, you have plenty of time to get your wallet out of your pocket, purse, bra strap or wherever you stash your cash. So please have it ready.

BONUS COMMANDMENT - I know we said 10, but we would be doing the public a huge disservice if we didn't mention huge orders. If you are ordering for your family, the neighbors and your distant out of town cousins who came to visit, please go inside.

If you have a huge order, just go inside. There is nothing worse than waiting 15 minutes in a drive-thru line because someone decides to make a quick run to the drive-thru line for an order that feeds 20 people. Or even 10 or 15, for that matter.

Hey, guy - if you find yourself constantly breaking these 10 Commandments of Drive-Thru ordering, you might want to think about going inside. It will save all of us lots of time.




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