Have you noticed your Facebook feed filling up with pictures of giraffes recently? Just what the heck are your identity challenged friends up to?

It's okay, you didn't miss some sort of mass exodus to a safari park, it's just  the Great Giraffe Challenge.

The Great Giraffe Challenge Facebook Riddle
Getty Images

You see, there's this riddle posted by 24-year-old travel videographer Andrew Strugnell. Strugnell spells out the challenge on the community Facebook page.

If your friends have accepted the challenge and you begin to see more giraffes than friends popping up in your feed, this means they've guessed incorrectly and their profile photo will be giraffe for 3 days.

Strugnell posted a video to go along with the challenge just in case the initial Facebook post wasn't clear enough.

He wants to make this is fun for everyone, so make sure you don't go posting your answer as a comment to see if you're correct. Make sure to message Strugnell at facebook.com/andrewstrugnell with your answer and he'll let you know on the Giraffe Challenge Page if you are correct.

Have you given the riddle a shot? Are you a giraffe? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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