Time for a new episode of The F Troop…


Maine State Police – Troop F’s weekly incident report…

6/30 - Tr. Marquis arrested a 34 year old St. Agatha man on several counts of violation of bail after he fled into the woods during a bail check. Tr. Sylvia and K-9 ‘Merry’ were on route, but the man was soon located and arrested at his sister’s residence nearby. Last week the man failed to stop on an ATV for Tr. Marquis and after several witness interviews, the charges started to mount. Tr. Marquis was assisted by Sgt. Haines and Deputy Mike Monpetite of the Aroostook SO.

7/02 - Tr. Casavant removed a 35 year old New Sweden man believed to be on bath salts from his family’s residence on the Jemtland Rd in New Sweden. The male refused a ride and left willingly on foot after a trespass warning was given.

7/02 - Tr. Saucier investigated the unattended death of a 72 year old Oakfield man after he collapsed after working on his boat. The death appeared of natural causes and nothing suspicious was noted.

7/02 - Tr. Quint responded to Linneus for a family fight. While there, female threatened to get a gun and then ran into house in attempt to get to room where gun was. Tr. Quint arrested female for criminal threatening.

7/02 - Tr. Saucier arrested a 29 year old St Francis man for a second offense OUI after a traffic stop.

7/03 - Tr. Darcy received a complaint from a father who had seen inappropriate Facebook conversations between his 13 year old daughter and a 19 year old male. Through the investigation and an interview with the 19 year old male, Tr. Darcy discovered that the male had been making very inappropriate comments and was repeatedly asking the 13 year old girl to have sex with him. Tr. Darcy charged the male with Solicitation of a child to commit a prohibited act.

7/03 - Tr. Hafford assisted Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department locating and arresting a 32 year old male from Connor for domestic assault.

7/03 – Tr. Whalen and K-9 ‘Bailey’ conducted a port security sweep in Eastport for the arrival of a Navy ship. Lt. Cote responded as a member of the Underwater Recovery Team to sweep the pier and tugs.

7/03 - While investing a phone harassment complaint in Littleton, Tr. Bell learned that the female respondent had bail conditions that she was not to have any direct or indirect contact with the male complainant. Tr. Bell verified that the respondent had in fact text messaged and called the complainant’s phone. Tr. Bell summonsed the female respondent for Violating Conditions of Release.

7/04 - Tr. Quint and Tr. Monahan manned a booth at the Houlton Fair for recruiting purposes. They also had the texting and driving simulator set up and in use and Det. Fowler attended with the ERT van. Sgt. Fuller and Tr. Sylvia conducted K-9 demos with ‘Gleni’ and ‘Merry’.

7/04 - Tr. Lilley stopped subject for speeding on Interstate and arrested operator for OAS. Passenger was found have a warrant and was arrested also.

7/04 - Tr. Saucier investigated a theft in Wallagrass that led him to a residence in Fort Kent. The owner consented to a search which led to recovering stolen property belonging to a private citizen, Town of Eagle Lake (street signs), and State DOT (speed limit sign).

7/04 - Tr. Darcy, Sgt. Fuller, and Tr. Bell arrived at a residence in Littleton after a 911 hang up call was mapped there. Through interviewing both the male and female party living at the residence, it was learned that the female was out of jail on an early release program and the male was her sponsor. Both parties had been drinking. The female stated that the male grabbed and restrained her while the male said only an argument took place. Tr. Darcy contacted the female’s probation officer who said to bring the female back to jail. The female had been drinking which is another violation of her conditions of release. There was not enough evidence to support that an assault took place between the two. The female was brought to the jail and the report will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

7/04 - Tr. Michaud arrested a Presque Isle man on a warrant for unpaid fines. He was concerned about being able to make bail because he was due to turn himself in the next morning at the Penobscot County Jail to serve a sentence for disorderly conduct.

7/04 – Tr. Bell responded to a single vehicle crash in Linneus. Upon arrival, the female driver and female passenger were still inside the Toyota Highlander, and said they could not get out of the vehicle because if the driver released the brake, the vehicle would roll over into the ditch. Tr. Bell helped the passenger out of the car, and then held the vehicle’s brake while the driver got out of the vehicle. The vehicle was resting on three wheels, and Tr. Bell kept the vehicle stabilized until Sgt. Fuller arrived and secured the vehicle with a chain until the wrecker arrived. There was no damage to the vehicle and the occupants were not injured.

7/04 – Tr. Bell attempted to serve a subpoena to a male in New Limerick, but the male ran into the house as Tr. Bell pulled into the driveway. Tr. Bell and Tr. Darcy returned to the residence later to serve the subpoena and conduct a bail check on the male subject. The male subject admitted to using illegal drugs, and submitted a urine test which tested positive for various drugs. Tr. Bell arrested the male subject for Violating Conditions of Release.

7/05 - Tr. Saucier charged a 37 year old Portage man with OAS HO after a traffic stop while working a speed detail.

7/05 - Tr. Doody arrested a 27 year old Monticello man on an outstanding warrant.

7/05 - Troopers Sylvia, Doody and Sgt. Haines conducted two road safety checks in New Limerick and Ludlow.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties. In addition, the Troop patrols Interstate 95 from Sherman to the Canadian border in Houlton.