Threat Response Training
On Tuesday, July 7th the VA Maine Healthcare System will be conducting an “Active Threat Response” training exercise in conjunction with public safety agencies in the area at its Caribou Community Based Outreach Clinic at Cary Medical Center.
Safety Seminar
Are you a pilot that maybe did not fly much this winter?  Maybe you got your license a while ago, but have not flown because you had no access to a plane?
You invested a lot time, money and effort to earn your wings so it makes sense to use them and the Aroostook Aero Club can help.
Pilot Refresher Course
Are you a licensed pilot, but not current? Maybe got your license but have not flown in a while due to lack of an aircraft to use or other life events got in the way? Want to get back in the air? The Aroostook Aero Club has the answer.
Presque Isle's Aroostook Aero Club will be offering a Pilot Refre…

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