You might recall last month we did a story on an incredible new service in Houlton that will train your dog. Purpose Pups LLC has received a donation of a dog that they will train and give away to an area veteran at no charge. 

The puppy's name is Valor and he is a mix between a Blue Heeler and a Catahoula Leopard dog. Take a look at how cute he is?

TSM VIA Purpose Pups LLC
TSM VIA Purpose Pups LLC


Purpose Pups LLC head trainer, Tyler Jones is excited to get the puppy and to be able to give him away to an area veteran in need. Jones will be training Valor and when the training is complete, he will be ADA certified service dog. Whoever is lucky enough to be chosen for Valor will participate once a week in the training until it is complete and the dog can go to its new home.  

Between the puppy and the training this is a service that is worth thousands of dollars in value and it is all being donated by Purpose Pups and Tyler Jones. This is an incredible offer that will impact an individual's life in many areas. He said that he will begin training Valor in just a couple of weeks.  

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If any veteran reading this story is interested in Valor or Purpose Pups, you can contact them on their Facebook page. You can also visit them at 70 Bangor Street in Houlton or call their phone at (207)279-9754. Purpose Pups is always looking for new clients to train and get ready for life beyond the kennel. I recommend new dog owners seek out a trainer who can help you adjust to life with a puppy. Trust me, you'll be happy you did.  

This is an awesome way to thank a veteran and to help them in their daily life. We will post an update on who has been chosen for Valor once the decision has been made.  

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