For many New Englanders, each and every summer brings a trip to Santa's Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire. It's a chance for families to come together, see some entertainment, hop on some of their favorite rides, eat some of their favorite foods and of course, get a chance to say hello to Santa himself. Santa's Village took to Facebook to announce they will return to a more traditional schedule for the 2021 season, which should sound like Christmas bells to the ears of park fans. But they also snuck an extra little present in there as well.

YouTube - The Candle Enthusiast
YouTube - The Candle Enthusiast

Santa's Village plans on celebrating 11 days of Halfway to Christmas in June by unleashing a new event, the Jolly June FEASTival. What does that entail exactly? It's essentially an admission pass that lets you explore the park as you normally would on any given visit but almost all your food will be covered with your special admission. Making it an all-you-can-eat extravaganza.

Santa's Village detailed the restaurants and shops within the park where Jolly FEASTival participants will be able to visit. They include?

"..entrees from the Burger Meister Food Court, Nick’s Pizza Emporium, Dasher’s Delights, and Merry Mess Hall; desserts like cookies from the Sugar ‘n Spice Bakery, ice cream from Frosty’s Freezer, and doughnuts from the Mini Doe-Nut Factory; and snacks from Nutcracker Sweets, Polar Expresso, Fruit Loop’s Farm Stand, and Jingle Bell Concessions"

But now, the bad news. This event is taking place over 11 specific dates and tickets will be limited. In fact, Santa's Village knows they will be such hugh demand, they're only selling the special admissions one week prior to the actual event. Read more about that here.

So mark your calendar and bring your appetite for fun AND food to Santa's Village this summer. It's going to be a fun one.

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