The votes are in and it looks as though those who are a part of the Canada postal workers union are in favor of a strike if need be, with the union president stating that they are overworked.

According to CBC News, over 93-percent of postal operators and postal workers are threatening a walk-out if an agreement cannot be worked out between their union and the Canada Post.

Union President Jim Gallant weighed in by stating that many postal workers are being forced into working over time and a walk out until a bargaining agreement can be reached is the members only option at this point.

Negotiations began in November 2017, according to the news source, with mediated conversations beginning in January of this year.

The collective agreement for suburban and rural letter carriers began expired on December 31, 2017 which affects 8,000 employees.

The strike could begin as early as September, 26, which would result in a complete shut down of mail delivery to businesses and residents in Canada.



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