A building was condemned, dogs rescued and a man arrested after police and the MDEA served a search warrant for ongoing fentanyl trafficking in Mexico, Maine.

Large Amount of Fentanyl Seized in Drug Trafficking Search

Close to 1,390 milligrams of fentanyl and an “assortment of illegally possessed prescription drugs were seized” at 54 Roxbury Road on April 18. 

Officials were getting information about the drug trafficking coming from a 3rd floor apartment. The Rumford Police, Mexico Police, the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office and the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency were all involved in the investigation.

Building Condemned - Used Hypodermic Needles and Hazards Prevalent

Police said the apartment had “feces, used hypodermic needles and other hazards were so prevalent that police decided to keep Rumford’s K9 Niko out of the apartment for fear of injury and exposure.”

The building was deemed unsafe and condemned by the Code Enforcement Officer “due to the extreme nature of the inhabitable living conditions,” said police.

The electricity had been turned off before authorities arrived, and the “main targets of the investigation were no longer there.”

Dogs Rescued

Two Dogs were rescued by Animal Control and a separate investigation is pending.

Rumford Police
Rumford Police

One Man Arrested for Felony Unlawful Possession of Fentanyl

Officers arrested 50-year-old James D. Harris from Mexico, Maine and charged him with felony unlawful possession of fentanyl for possessing more than 200 milligrams of fentanyl powder.

More Charges Pending

The investigation is ongoing and charges against other individuals are possible.

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