Officials Solve Case of Roadside Fires

Investigators with the State Fire Marshal's Office and the Maine Forest Rangers said they have found the individual who set over 20 roadside fires in the state of Maine.

Officials said the person setting the fires admitted to it after being interviewed by State Fire Marshal Investigator Kenneth Tabor and Maine Forest Ranger Matt Bennett.

The fires were set over the summer across the state in Oxford, Cumberland and York counties. They had similar characteristics. Authorities worked for months with other agencies to solve the case. It was after an analysis of a roadside fire in Baldwin, Maine on Murch Road that the person was identified.

Signs of Arson

The Fire Marshal’s Office and the Maine Forest Rangers reminded the public to be aware of signs of arson. They added, “the signals of arson can include the presence of accelerants, unusual locations, individuals acting suspiciously, and more. If something does not seem right, please get in touch with local law enforcement.”

Arson Fires in the State in 2022

The Maine Forest Rangers said they have investigated 60 wildland arson fires so far in 2022. A total of 12.5 acres have been burned as a result.

More Information on Social Media

You can follow the Maine Forest Rangers on their Facebook and keep up to date with the latest information they share. You can also visit the homepage of the Fire Marshal’s Office tt learn more and get the latest information across the state.

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