A woman upset with another woman who called her son a bully, did what you might expect—she hauled off and punched the other woman in the face.

Brunswick (Ohio) Police Dept.
Brunswick (Ohio) Police Dept.

Witnesses outside Willetts Middle School in Ohio Tuesday afternoon told police that Connie Edmiston approached the other woman's car with her son in tow, and ordered her to get out of the vehicle.

The Medina Gazette reported that the woman rolled down her car window and Edmiston reached in and repeatedly punched her in the face.  The victim said Edmiston was yelling about "calling her son a bully."

The injured woman told investigators she had indeed scolded Edmiston's 13-year-old son earlier in the school year when she saw him bullying other students.

The victim of the attack was taken to the hospital as a precaution because she suffers from multiple sclerosis and a blow to the head could prove to be fatal.

The 42 year old Edmiston was arrested after being taken to the local police station for questioning. She claimed the other woman had spit in her face and denied hitting her at all.

Police charged Edmiston with assault.

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