A 38-year-old man died Tuesday evening after an officer-involved shooting in Old Orchard Beach.

Man Shot by Maine State Trooper after Threats with a Firearm

The Maine State Police said Christopher Harriman from Limerick pointed a firearm at Trooper Ryan Phillips in the Shop N’ Save parking lot.

Shot after He Reached for a Rifle

Harriman was shot after he “reached in his vehicle, grabbed his rifle, and chambered a round.”

Armed with Rifle Making Threats

The incident started after a woman called 911 around 6:38 pm and told police Harriman was armed with an AR style rifle and was making suicidal threats at a Kennebunk rest area on the Maine Turnpike. He was also threatening to harm others.

Pointed Firearm Out Window during Chase

Harriman left the rest area before police arrived. Harriman led police on “a slow speed pursuit and evaded law enforcement temporarily. As he was failing to stop for law enforcement, he pointed the firearm out the window towards officers, said Shannon Moss, Public Information Officer, Maine Department of Public Safety.

Officer Tried to Negotiate

Police located him in Old Orchard Beach at the Shop N’ Save parking lot. “Law Enforcement tried to negotiate with Mr. Harriman and convince him to surrender as he stood outside his vehicle,” said Moss.

Shot and Killed by Maine State Police

Harriman was shot and killed by Trooper Ryan Phillips after he reached for the rifle and chambered a round.

Trooper on Administrative Leave

“Trooper Phillips has been placed on administrative leave, as is standard protocol when law enforcement officers are involved in the use of deadly force while the Office of the Attorney General investigates,” said Moss.

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