A 61-year-old man has been arrested for Criminal OUI and Drug Trafficking after police found him “unconscious behind the wheel” with heroin in the vehicle on Elm Street in Milo.

Man Arrested after Police Find him Unconscious at the Wheel

The Milo Police Department said Emilio Fontanez Jr, from Yonkers, New York was taken into custody around 7:14 am on March 13.

Driver Stopped Car in the Roadway

Fontanez was in the travel lane of the road when police arrived on the scene. “The operator had the vehicle in gear and his foot on the brake,” said Chief Clukey.

Driver Said He Thought He was Home

Clukey put the vehicle in park, turned it off and woke up Fontanez. “The operator indicated he knew that he was ok because he was at home,” said the MPD Chief.

Tin Foil Used for Drugs in Vehicle

Police saw several pieces of tin foil, commonly used for drugs, on the front seat.

Charged with Criminal OUI and Drug Trafficking

Fontanez was checked and cleared by EMS. He was then arrested for Criminal Operating Under the Influence and Drug Trafficking.

Heroin and Cash Seized

Fontanez had $4,950 in cash and 32 individual wax paper envelopes used for selling drugs. Each envelope contained heroin. Police seized close to 3.2 grams.

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