A 25-year-old man was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking and firearms charges in Maine.

Sentenced to 15 Years for Drug Trafficking and Firearms Charges in Maine

Harold Andujar-Pimente was facing two drug trafficking charges and one firearms charge. He entered a guilty plea on December 21, 2023.

Suspect Fled from Police

Court records said Andujar-Pimentel fled on foot from police when a search warrant was executed at a residence and a camper in Anson in November 2022.

Apprehended and Detained

He “was located and detained in the camper, and after being detained, ran from officers who pursued him through the woods to apprehend him,” said court documents.

Over Two Kilos of Fentanyl Seized

Law enforcement found a key to the camper on his person. The camper was searched and drug trafficking evidence was located including more than two kilos of fentanyl.

Drugs and Firearms Seized during Search

Police seized a plastic bag that contained over 2,308 grams of fentanyl powder, 492.8 grams of pure methamphetamine, 453.9 grams of crack, 89 Oxycodone pills, and 50 Xanax “bars”, six firearms including a loaded Glock Model 43 9mm handgun, and a plastic bag containing more than $5,000 in cash.

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