A 38-year-old Phippsburg man was rescued Saturday night on the Appalachian Trail after falling in water and becoming hypothermic.

Maine Game Wardens said Christopher Lebel could have died if they had not rescued him.

Officials said Lebel fell into water while he was hiking south on the trail in Township E. He was not able to start a fire or get his clothes dry and became hypothermic, said officials.

A friend called 911 after Lebel Lebel texted around 9:30 pm.

Wardens found Lebel in the woods and started a fire. He was unable to walk. Lebel walked out with Maine Game Wardens around 4:30 am Sunday morning after warming up.

Game Wardens cautioned hikers to wear the appropriate clothing and gear for the  conditions. They said Lebel was not dressed for the environment, and he probably would not have survived without their help.

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Game Wardens also helped five adult family members from New Jersey on Tumbledown Mountain Saturday night. Officials said the group got lost and called 911 for rescue. When they were found, they were huddled together to try and stay warm. They got down the mountain with help around midnight.

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