Chris Morton of Presque Isle has published his second book documenting life as a single dad to four precocious children. It's a sequel to his first one, which was called You Kids Quit Pooping On The Lawn.

Morton says It Might Get Weird  is mostly a mix of stories revolving around his children or events from his own childhood, with Aroostook County as the ever-present backdrop.

"I think my parents were caught off-guard when I published the first book," he said. "They were probably a little nervous about particular details I might have included in the chapters. I get that. If my kids ever write a book and put me in it, I’m hoping they leave out things like a detailed account of my failed attempt to fix the vacuum cleaner and how much fun we had putting it out after it caught on fire. Luckily for me, though, my parents are proud of both books (albeit a little leery of the title of the first one). My family is very closely knit, so I made sure to seek their forgiveness immediately after the book was published."

Morton is glad his kids are fiercely proud to have their exploits down on paper. "They think it’s great. I hadn’t expected the first one to be read by anyone aside from family and friends. When You Kids Quit Pooping On The Lawn started to build momentum and develop fans who didn’t actually know and love my kids, I was worried the kids might be embarrassed by the title. Thus far, though, they think it’s hilarious. Hopefully they’ll feel the same way when they’re seventeen."

I asked Morton, who is a musician local folks may know from KMH Music in Presque Isle, if he'd considered putting any of the chapters to song or soundtrack. He said several of the chapters revolve around his music, but given the chaos described in most of the chapters, "most of the tracks would be the New York Philharmonic playing the theme music from old Benny Hill episodes while toppling down a flight of stairs."

Both books are available for sale locally at Merchants On The Corner and KMH Music for $11.99. Merchants On The Corner carries signed copies. KMH Music does not at the moment, but Morton said he's ''happy to adorn copies with whatever signature a customer would prefer (Stephen King, George Washington, Engelbert Humperdink, etc.)." sells both print and kindle versions of the books as well.

Morton added the thought of his children writing a response book is a bit terrifying, and quipped that his eleven-year-old has already started on her first draft of Hey, Dad! YOU Quit Pooping On The Lawn!

Mark & Emily Turner Library in Presque Isle will host an It Might Get Weird book signing and reading with Chris Morton Friday, December 11 at 7 pm.