It's 2020...of course it's a UFO! Right, right?

Around one in the morning, the night sky had a cool red hue. So a picture was taken in a parking lot near Dominos in Kennebunk.

Then 30 seconds later another picture was taken and IT appeared. quickly as it appeared it vanished.


Names will not be revealed, but a disagreement broke out between the picture taker and his wife. She started it, to be clear.

Was it just a reflection from the parking lot...or was it an unidentified flying object?

2020 has taught me to believe in Jaws, UFOs, Venus in retrograde, nurses are heroes, eating in restaurants is a luxury and teachers are the greatest humans on earth. Is it a stretch to think this is a UFO? Nope.

In fact, if I saw a green thing with a giant head, skinny arms and legs and giant black eyeballs, the only thing I'd be looking for is if they had a mask on.


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