While headphones are not a new invention, they are more popular today than they've ever been. Blame it on our daily phone usage and the interconnected world we all live in when it comes to family, friends, and our jobs. For many, having a pair of headphones on lets them escape from the world around them, whether they're listening to the radio, a podcast, or just their favorite tunes. But is it illegal to wear headphones while driving in Maine?

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The Laws on Driving While Wearing Headphones is Murky in Maine

According to Vlaw.com, the majority of states across the country have no law prohibiting the use of headphones while operating a vehicle. But there have been states in recent years that have begun to adjust their laws to include making headphones while driving illegal. Why? Because those states are considering headphone usage as "distracted driving", which is why the broad law covering Maine makes wearing headphones behind the wheel a gamble.

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How is Wearing Headphones "Distracted Driving"?

For the states that have clearly defined headphones as something that could be considered "distracted driving", the thought process is simple. There have been many instances of people so engrossed in what they're listening to through headphones, that they ignore emergency vehicles, car horns, and other potential warning signs and sounds around them. That 'distraction' could lead to perilous outcomes for other people.

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Could You Be Cited in Maine for Wearing Headphones While Driving?

According to the updated Maine law, wearing headphones while operating a vehicle is not strictly prohibited. But if an officer believed that headphone usage while driving contributed to you being distracted behind the wheel, you could be cited under the 'distracted driving' law.


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