If you've been cruising Facebook over the past three days you might have noticed your friend's profile pictures turning into giraffes.

I had the excellent opportunity to speak with Andrew Strugnell, the man behind the recent giraffe craze that's taking over the social media site.

TSM/Getty Images

Strugnell admits that he's not the guy who came up with riddle originally, but he wanted to spread it for all to enjoy.

It started out with a quick YouTube video which has already garnered over 50,000 views since Saturday, along with a Facebook Page that has over 30,000 likes.

What started out as a fun challenge amongst friends has led to Strugnell having over 13,000 Facebook messages to sift through. He says a website is on the way to automatically hand out answers to those curious enough to take a crack at the brainteaser, but remember if you fail, your Facebook profile image needs to become a giraffe for three days.

Strugnell believes he's tapped into what could become a new YouTube Channel dedicated to riddles. Make sure to keep an eye out...hint hint...

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