Iggy Azalea is making some serious changes in her life and she’s fully embracing it.

The Australian rapper revealed to ET Online that she’s signed a new record deal after leaving Island Records. She shared the exciting news during the Fashion Nova x Cardi B event in Hollywood, California on Wednesday.

“Yeah, I left my label, I announced it two weeks ago and the I signed a new deal,” Azalea shared. “So, I’m gonna announce that probably next week. Yeah, I’m really excited!”

That’s not all that she’s got going on. The 28-year-old told ET Online she’s leaving Los Angeles, California for a new home.

“I’m actually moving to Atlanta in two weeks. Yeah, so I’m gonna go and start recording there and finish my album...and it’s really good.”

She shared a little more information about the deal on Twitter and threw some not-so-subtle shade at her adversary, Bhad Bhabie, while doing it. Following an encounter with the viral sensation at Cardi B’s event, which resulted in Azalea having a drink thrown at her, the "Savior" rapper revealed just how much she’ll be banking off the deal.

“Imagine me scrambling around on the floor in a dirty night club trying to hit a teenage girl. Girl. NO. I’m grown and will simply have you REMOVED and continue enjoying myself. #YouNotSpecial. Anything else from her mouth is ignored - it’s too preschool for me,” she tweeted.

“Anyway I’ll let y’all know about the 2.7 million dollar distribution deal i came back to LA to sign later this week. I have big girl things to do - Gotta go!”

Azalea will have no trouble adjusting to life in the Peach State. She used to live in Georgia and hopes returning will help her get back to basics.

“I used to live there a really long time ago,” she said. “Maybe 10 years ago now, so it’s just good to go back and see old people and get new energy, new things.”

Azalea didn’t share any more details about her forthcoming album. She’s been relatively quiet about it on social media as well. Perhaps that’s because it’s still coming together, though. On Wednesday a fan asked to know the name of the project, thought to be coming in 2019.

“Girl, I don’t even know it yet!” She replied.

She has, however, dropped a few hints about who she’ll be working with on the album. It appears, based on a recent comment on Twitter, that she’s working with the English rapper Stefflon Don.

The album follows the release of her latest EP, Surviving the Summer, which came out August 3, 2018.

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