Let's face it, we've all been in the dreaded doghouse at one time or another. Well, if you found yourself there over the weekend, be encouraged, because today is the day to get out.

The History Behind The Day!

In 1999, Heidi Richards Mooney founded the day in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

There are many ways to find yourself in the 'doghouse.'

  • Messed up with your spouse - You've spent more time checking Facebook and Twitter rather than spending time with your significant other.
  • Made the boss made - You decided to tell him what a great leader he's not or you missed that very important sales deadline.
  • Missed your kids' soccer game - You promised that you'd make it this time, but you didn't.
  • Verbally jacked up a co-worker - You got into a match that involves some urination with a co-worker and it didn't end well.

Today is National 'Get Out of the Doghouse' Day and here are some great ways for you to remove your foot, or paw, from the doghouse of shame.

Here's How To Get Out of the Doghouse!

  • Don't ever apologize via email or text message. It's best to go old skool on this one. A face to face apology works well. You may have to allow some time for a 'cool down' period, but face to face is best.
  • Show Commitment to the Fix - Sometimes sending a letter or inviting someone to coffee to discuss your commitment to a real fix in order to move ahead with a good solution.
  • Fix that which You've Broken - Make it right. If you really wronged someone, then make it right. Words are shallow if not backed by real, believable action.

How are ways that you can suggest getting someone out of the doghouse? Share your solutions with us in the comments section below.





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