The Greater Houlton Christian Academy has received a gift of $220,000. This is the largest gift GHCA has received in its entire 29 year history.

Greater Houlton Christian Academy Receives Gift of $220,000

The gift is not an annual fund gift. The donors of the gift wanted to provide resources beyond the usual annual fund in order to make much-needed improvements- such as:

  • improving the science classroom by installing a tile floor, purchasing new science tables and stools, and installing chemical storage that meets all safety regulations
  • installing tile floors in most classrooms that have not already been upgraded
  • installing tile on the second floor and its landings
  • purchasing new classroom tables for jr. high and high school classrooms
  • re-fitting the front entrance so it can be locked during school hours (locks, intercom, etc.)
  • re-keying classroom and office locks as recommended by state police.

GHCA will be holding a community open house later this year to thank all those who have been part of its renovation efforts.

The donors of the gift wish to remain anonymous.



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