Christmas gifts should come from the heart and have more of a sentimental value to them. I would certainly appreciate a gift that I know someone spent some time thinking about and planning.


I have come up with some ideas on holiday gift traditions that you and your family can do together. I’m definitely a creature of habit so I look forward to traditions each and every year.

Christmas really shouldn’t be about who buys the biggest, most expensive gift. Kids will remember what you did as a family, rather than the big ticket items, later on in life. Here are some holiday gift traditions.

  • Draw names in your immediate family and make a gift for that person. It can be as easy as a playlist for an MP3 player or a picture book of your family’s greatest moments of the year.
  • If gifts have been sent from relatives that are far away (like grandparents), use Skype or another video chat service when they are opened so everyone can share in the joy.
  • Pick names randomly and only give gifts to the person whose name you draw. Set a dollar limit to keep it even and have fun!
  • If your extended family is large, make a deal among the adults to buy gifts for only the kids of the family.
  • Start a gag gift tradition. Give a funny gift to a family member. Each year, pass the gift on to another unsuspecting family member.

Most of these holiday gift traditions are fun and inexpensive ways to show the ones you love just how much you care. What are your holiday gift traditions?

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