When we were growing up, our parents were encouraged to talk to us about the use of marijuana and other drugs. Nowadays, the 'kids' are having to talk to their parents about the same thing.

They have been labeled 'Grass Grannies' as more and more seniors seem to be turning to the drugs of their youth to help fight ailments and pains they live with today.

According to the study, marijuana use increased significantly among adults 50 and older.

To put this into the proper lense, marijuana use increased 57.8-percent among those between the ages of 50 and 64.

The adults in that age bracket were more likely to use marijuana for depression and anxiety, according to the study.

Other seniors may be using the drug in order to help with aches, pains and to help them deal with the reality that they are getting older.

Whether it is for recreation or medicinal purposes, studies show that more baby-boomers are returning to their grassroots - marijuana - for help and relief.


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