The knowledge of concussions and football has been on the forefront for some time now. Now doctors are saying that girl soccer players are at risk.

More reports are coming from the medical field that doctors are seeing more concussions in young soccer players than anyone else.

Doctors from Texas Scottish Rite for Children published data and say those female soccer players are five times more likely to go back to play way too soon after they've suffered a concussion, compared to male soccer players.

Dr. Sally Fryer-Dietz, founder of Integrative Concussion Therapy in Dallas, Texas has been working on a study that involves working with former NFL players at risk of developing the degenerative brain disease CTR.

Dr. Fryer-Dietz says the fact girls are far more likely to go back into the game doesn't surprise her one bit. She bases this on the difference between boys and girls.

She added that the difference between boys and girls is that boys are often known to under-report their symptoms and most of the times they go undiagnosed.

Girls have a higher risk for concussions from the get-go because their physical make-up differs from that of boys.

More fluid anatomically around the brain and smaller neck musculature are two features that back her opinion.

Her advice for team players, coaches, and parents is anytime you see someone who gets hit really hard on the field, even if they recover and continue to play, that doesn't mean they didn't suffer an internal injury, like a concussion, when they received a blow to the head.

This short video below will explain a little bit more about female soccer players and concussions. We hope you find this helpful and stay safe on the field.


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