Loring Air Force Base opened in 1947 and served as one of the Strategic Air Commands largest facilities. Loring Commerce Centre operates there now.

There were several units working on the base. The 42nd Bombardment Wing was one of the primary ones. The hangor housed the B52s.

The name has changed over time from the Limestone Army Airfield to the Limestone Air Force Base. It was named Loring Air Force Base after Mainer, Charles Loring, who received the Medal of Honor in Korea.

There are parts of the base that were once top secret. The North River Depot was built to store and test nuclear weapons.

There are over 25 storage igloos and structures. The restricted area was designated “Q” for the clearance level.

Loring was set up for heavy bombers, interception and refueling among many other things.

In 1992, the base became part of Air Combat Command. It eventually closed in September 1994.