Fort Fairfield Police Patch Found on eBay

For everyone who likes nostalgic and historical things, you are going to love this patch the Fort Fairfield Police Department found on eBay and posted to their Facebook page.

The caption read: “I stumbled upon this old patch on EBay. Anyone have any idea what year these were in service?” That question prompted a lot of responses in the comments as people tried to give the police patch some historical time frame.

Historical Consensus?

The consensus on Facebook is it’s from the mid to late 1970’s. Maybe even around 1976 to celebrate the bicentennial. There was some question if it might even be from the 80’s or even 1839 to match the date on the patch (we think that person was kidding).

The blockhouse was a good clue. The comments talked about when it was built and how it might relate to when the patch was made and worn.

It is a great conversation and you can read the whole exchange in the post below. Many people were using their friends and families to piece together some of the history.

A Rare Find on eBay

You probably don’t see something like this on eBay very often. Even though the site is a good place to find things you can’t find anywhere else, a police artifact like this is not very common. The Facebook post doesn't say if the patch was purchased by someone at the department. We hope so. It would be good to keep something like that in Aroostook County.

Bonus Patches and a Badge

Here’s what the current Fort Fairfield Police patch looks like. It is a cool design and has some of the great features of the eBay patch.

Fort Fairfield Police

There’s also a black and white version of the modern day patch.

Fort Fairfield Police

The pink patch is for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Fort Fairfield Police

This badge is also for Breast Cancer Awareness;

Fort Fairfield Police

There’s also one on the FFPD Facebook for the Fort Fairfield Fire & Rescue that looks like it goes back a ways. Any ideas on the history of this one?

Fort Fairfield Police

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